Here's what people are saying about Dawn Battle:               


"As a Realtor, I know the work behind-the-scenes that makes or breaks a transaction.  I have worked with many Realtors, but have not worked with any one as skilled as Dawn.  Her attention to detail, negotiation skills and ability to work a deal to settlement, is second to none.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs to sell or purchase a home.  She is a tru specialist in getting the job done!"

                                                              -- Heidi Cherry, Realtor

                                                                 Fairfax Realty


"I have lived on 10 different properties in 5 states, and had experience with a wide variety of real estate agents.  I can say without reservation that Dawn Battle is the best agent that I have ever worked with, on both the buying and the selling sides of the deal.  It is rare to find an agent who is truly and wholeheartedly 'your agent.'  That is to say, someone who you know will act in your best interests, and do everything possible to assist you.  Dawn is that agent.  She has not only the tenacity to close the deal, but the integrity to make sure every 'i' is dotted and every 't' crossed, in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines.  If every agent worked the way Dawn does, buying and selling houses wouldn't be near so great a risk to the blood pressure of the American public."

                                                              -- Jeff Peters


"I used Dawn as my listing agent. If it were not for Dawn, I don't think the Buyer's transaction would have gone through. The Buyer's Agent went on vacation. Dawn stepped in to make sure the transaction went through so we could sell the house. She also helped to keep my transaction in another state on track. I felt like I made a friend."

                                                              -- Deedre Atkisson


Dawn was a true find when it comes to Realtors.  When I met Dawn, I was at the point of giving up on my search.  My first Realtor was not making much progress.  I just wasn't seeing quality properties in my price range.  So, when a friend highly recommended Dawn, I contacted her.  Dawn really made things happen. She encouraged me to persevere and assured me that I would find the house that was meant for me.  Today, I am living in a wonderful home!  Thanks to Dawn for being on top of it.  I was also able to use a loan program that allowed me to make renovations at the front end of my loan.  Dawn continues to check up on the progress.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! Dawn's new name:  "The Super Realtor!"                                                        


                                                            -- DeStephanie Johnson


"Dawn went beyond the call of duty many times to ensure that our real estate transaction was handled smoothly and in an expedient and timely manner...She made sure that we stayed within our time line and kept in constant contact with the lender and builder."

                                                            -- June Gray


"I worked with several other realtors prior to working with Dawn. She was by far the most professional and personable. She understood my needs. As a result, I was able to purchase a home right away. Her professionalism has given me the confidence a to have faith in the real estate market..."

                                                           -- Beverly Goins


"She did a professional, phenomenal job partnering with us and understanding our requirements. Dawn helped us sell and buy our homes in 5 weeks! That is a great turnaround in today's economy...In regards to working with other Realtors, Dawn had her finger on the pulse of the market. She is reachable no matter what time of day."

                                                            -- Mo & Peggy Shahin


"Dawn is client driven, easy going, professional and resourceful."

                                                            -- Gregg Pickett


"In an increasingly tight market...Dawn was able to increase traffic by devising creative new ideas to effectively market our home, obtain an offer, successfully negotiate a contract and get us painlessly to closing...Dawn provided solid advice and guidance through the entire process.  We particularly appreciated the fact that she was always available to address our concerns and provide honest feedback to our thoughts and concerns. "

                                                           -- Joe & Tara Veneracion


"Dawn worked tirelessley for me on what was a very difficult short sale transaction that lasted over 9 months.  She literally walked through fire to get this transaction completed.  When all other participants (seller, listing agent, bank, etc.) gave up, Dawn kept at it, ultimately bringing all parties together for a successful short sale transaction.  I would hire Dawn again and recommend her without hesitation!"


                                                          --Matt Egan

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